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מתוך ויקיגניה, המיזם הגנאלוגי העברי
קפיצה אל: ניווט, חיפוש
קוד סאונדקס לשם המשפחה ליבוביץ
התעתיק הלועזי המקודד Lebovits
קוד סאונדקס של NARA L113
קוד D-M Soundex 877400

ליבוביץ הינו שם משפחה יהודי אשכנזי נפוץ ביותר. מכיל בתוכו את המילה ליב שפרושה אריה ביידיש והתוספת ביץ - הבן של.

תעתיקים לועזיים

  • Leibovitz
  • Lebowitz
  • Lebovit
  • Leibovitz
  • Lebovic (רומנית)
  • Lejbowicz (פולנית)
  • לעבאוויטש (ביידיש)
  • ועוד צורות תעתיק רבות.

מקורות גנאלוגיים על פי מנוע השמות של "אבותינו"

B. All-Poland Database (79,327 surnames). An additional 600,000 records for Poland, from a variety of sources, including: vital records, business directories, voter lists, passenger manifests, yizkor books and other Holocaust sources. Online database

G. All Hungary Database (26,426 surnames). 240,000 records from many different sources, including vital records, census records, property tax records, etc.. An on- going project--continuously updated.Online database

H. All Romania Database (45,240 surnames). More than 190,000 records for Romania and Moldova, from a variety of sources, including: voter lists, census records, business directories, vital records, diplomatic records, yizkor books, and others.--continuously updated.Online database

I. All Scandanavia Database (2,659 surnames). More than 12,000 records for Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, from a variety of sources, including: census, tax, cemetery records, and others.--continuously updated.Online database

J. JewishGen Family Finder (45,240 surnames). Surnames/towns being researched by some 70,000 Jewish genealogists worldwide. An on-going project--continuously updated. Online database

K. Family Tree of the Jewish People (184,237 surnames). 3,000,000 persons who appear on more than 2,500 family trees being researched by Jewish genealogists. Online database.

W. to Memorial to the Jews Deported From France (26,310 surnames). 70,000 Jews deported from France during the Holocaust. Microfiche

X. National Registry of Jewish Holocaust Survivors (14,742 surnames). 35,000 Holocaust survivors living in the United States and Canada. Book

e. Index to State Department records found in the U.S. National Archives which is a list of Jewish names in protection of interests of U.S. citizens section in Austria-Hungary (1910-1930) (1,554 surnames). 2,000 records. Microfiche